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Maddy (aka flourish) is the main poster, and the > is me, heidi8

> So what better way to divide the fics than into
> *four houses*? Not
> that each archive will be given a house name, but
> we can be given
> house colors - in other words, schnoogle.com will be
> green & grey,
> because all our fics are "ambitious" and full of
> plots, just like
> Slytherin.

H'm... that's a good idea! Our logo should probably be
green & grey, too, or at least mostly green & grey.
Maybe each archive should have a "poster character" -
schnoogle's would be Draco, of course, and
Gryffindor's could be HogwartsHottie!Harry,
Ravenclaw's Crafty!Cho, and Hufflepuff's... erm...
maybe Fred&George, although that's cross-houses ^_^

> And there could be one main page at a domain name
> like HP-
> FANFICTION.ORG (yes, org. trust me) which will have
> a splash screen
> with the 4 "houses" on it, organized like they are
> on the school
> crest - mouseover tells you which types of fics are
> in that section -
> and from that, you can click on the section you want
> to go to.

First off... this page would definitely have links to
all the archives & a blog that has announcements.
However, maybe we could work up a BETA reader service
like they have at Sugarquill? Perhaps a discussion
board for open fanfic discussion and not just reviews.

Heidi - don't use blogger for that announcements blog!
I can install a weblog that's much easier to use and
allows more freedom, plus, it's run off your own
servers. No significant space usage, and you don't
have to deal with Blogger going down. Anyway, I can
install that whenever we get hosting. I can also
install a guestbook run off our own space with no ads.

I can make an image with the school badge where
mouseover shows what fics are in the archive. I'm sure
Rhysenn can, too. Plus... maybe we could divide up the
main pages' HTML between people? Rhysenn takes the
very main page & one archive, I take another archive,
yael takes another, and whoever else does the third?
Not only would it divide the workload, it would
definetly be a good learning experience for all
involved. I know we all have tricks to teach each
other :) (Rhysenn, I want to talk to you about the
code you use on your page... it's super cool, and it's
slightly different from the mouseovers I know...)

Of course, Oh, and have you guys given thought to the cost of all
this? if we have five archives - the four and then the
, we're going to have to have 5 separate
accounts at $10 a month each. I would suggest getting
a cheap host, like Yahoo or something, for the main
domain - it seems wasteful to pay $10 for main domain
stuff each month, since there won't be that much
there. Anyway. This means we need to do some
fundraising, because we're currently at $15 for each
domain we purchase (dotster.com is $15 domains, the
cheapest I've found yet) and then $55 a month! Nobody
wants to pay all that!


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