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Since someone asked...

Someone just asked a bunch of History of FA questions over in our Suggestions & Questions forum - so I thought I'd post the answers here:

1. Who started FA?

A whole bunch of people! There were about 20 people, including Maddy, Narri Patters, Colin, AngieJ, me, Cassie, Simon, Alex, Carole Estes, Starling, Priscilla, Jana, Yael, Viola, etc. Amber and then Jason came on about a week later to help with technical things.

2. Who wrote the first fic to be posted here?
Heidi! Me! We uploaded my fic, Surfeit of Curses, first, to test things. But seriously, among the first fics on FA were fics by the authors listed above. When the site launched, we had about 30 authors on Schnoogle and when the other three sites went live a few weeks later, we were probably pushing 100 writers.

3. What was the first fic posted here at FA?
See above. ;)

4. Who thought of all those abbreviations (i.e. 'Glomp')?
Various people, over time. Narri and Maddy seem to have generated a good number, and t00b comes from Veelas Inc, originally.

5. Was FA always like this (i.e. the same 'format')?
Yeah, pretty much. We used to require people to email their fics in, before we had the submission form, though, and we didn't have the Park until about 3 or 4 weeks after Launch.

6. What was the original cover art like?
You can see the first draft sketch at [url]http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/fawa,[/url] but the first colour image is still visible at [url]http://www.cafeshops.com/fashoppe/48065.[/url] Ginny wasn't actually on the original; AA went live about 6 months after the rest of the site.

7. Who designed the original cover art?
Starling & Priscilla

8. Who was the first member of FA?
Techno Guy Paul is the first registered user here on the boards, but the first "member" of FA is probably RJ Anderson - she was the first author who wasn't also a mod. Catlady is also one of the early members, as is Penny. Gwen was originally just an author, but came on board very early on...


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Feb. 28th, 2004 02:54 am (UTC)
Heidi, you have a link-problem - you have used the board-specific tags to make links, but those don't work in LJ. In fact, just remove the [url][/url]-tags altogether - I believe LJ will then automatically convert the URL to a clickable link.
May. 26th, 2004 10:15 pm (UTC)
You mean I wasn't the first fic? *pouts*

You have too bloody good a memory love, but it's fun remembering when FA was an ickle thing.

Dec. 29th, 2004 10:12 am (UTC)
You sound like you could help me.
I'm trying to research a "History of the fandom", and I've been looking for information on the very start of the fandom. So I'm wondering if you can tell me anything about the pre-FA fandom?
Jan. 5th, 2005 01:33 am (UTC)
I can - is there a deadline? Do you want to have a ym chat tomorrow or sometime later this week?
Jan. 6th, 2005 04:45 am (UTC)
There's no deadline. This project is very much in its beginning stages. I siply threw the question into the air, and saw what came up. (What came up was a good deal more than I expected).

The thread I created on FA is here:

Perhaps you can have a look through that and see the sort of questions that have come up. I'm interested, for the time being, in the very beginning of the fandom. Obviously, you played a huge part in the creation of FA. I'm even more curious about the pre-FA fandom, especially such things as when did Slash first start appearing, and what were some of the earliest fanfics that you know of.

Anything you can contribute will be appreciated. :)
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