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Really Long Fandom History

Ahh, I’ve been around for quite a while. This will be 4 pages long on MS words. So pick what you want to read.

Year one: 1999

Read all the Harry Potter books (up to Prisoner of Azkaban) and went to look at Harry Potter fansites, reading the rumor pages. I came across an interesting piece of fanfiction written by a fifteen years old boy in Switzerland. It was badly written, about a day in Harry’s life, in which he went to Hogsmeade to buy Hermione a beautiful ring and slipped his hand up her shirt and played with her bra. Indignant at the portrayal of Harry and Hermione as lovers (I was an innocent child that knew naught of ships), I wrote an angry (or as angry as a thirteen years old girl can be) flame letter accusing the boy of being disgusting and perverted (take note! I didn’t use curse words, for I was a good child. *snigger*, it *has* been a while eh?).

He wrote back, equally angry, calling me a bitch and a prude. I wrote back, apologizing, and slightly mystified by the idea of fanfiction.

I searched the net for Harry Potter fanfiction, and his website was the only one that came up (Yahoo! Search really stinks). I stubbornly ignored the link that pointed me to fanfiction.net, because it wasn’t a Harry Potter fansite. Though eventually, I relented and clicked on it. I clicked on books, and voila! Lo and behold the 3,000+ Harry Potter fanfictions that were already there!

I went on a rampage of reading, and had a good time reading Gypsy’s “Across the Enemy Line”, quite possibly the first D/H novels ever. I saw Narri’s Digging the Hole, and Then Climbing Out, but ignored it because I thought the title was stupid, and the story must be bad. Yes, I was a judgmental whore ^_^. It wasn’t until many months later when I decided to read it, and I had a grand time with it. So I emailed her, and showered her with praises, meanwhile writing my first (and wretchedly disgusting) Harry Potter fanfiction. It was wise of me never to publish it anywhere, because it was simply shameful.

If you must know what it’s about…it began with Harry and Hermione caught in amid a snog by Dumbledore, jumps to Ron teasing them (in a most unrealistic manner), jumps to Harry proposing to Hermione, jumps to Ron arriving at Hogwarts for a teaching position and meets Harry’s seven children, jumps to Ron and Lavender snogging as I tried (as 13 years old girls might try) my hand at some mild innuendo…and failing most miserably. It had Voldemort attempting a most ludicrous attempt to kidnap Harry’s son…and Lavender and Ron snogging and crying in a silly, melodramatic manner…yeah, I did suck that much. If you’re in a public facility, please try not to gag too loudly.

I commenced my first serial Harry Potter fanfiction while seated before a computer in the public library. The category was firmly placed in (extremely sappy) Romance section. I shipped R/H. I wrote the first 5 pages in first person, switching between Ron, Hermione, and Harry…I titled it Hesitations, and Innocent Love and submitted it to fanfiction.net under the pseudonym of Serpentese. Believe it or not, all that happened in under 45 minutes, and I checked the review page every 5 minutes, shaking with wild excitement the way only ridiculously stupid 13 years old girls can.

If you can imagine, I continued the piece of crap for 11 chapters. Filling it to the brim with inappropriately bad sap, angst, and what I had hoped to be “innocent” love. And Draco was ever the cardboard villain. I had not fallen in love with him just yet. Finally, I couldn’t continue it, for it was beginning to alarm me and scraped it…but not before going off to find other authors to perhaps…adopt it for me and keep writing at it. This piece of memory is *the* most embarrassing thing ever, since I had forced both Gypsy and Cassandra Claire to read that story and attempted to have them adopt it. How perfectly mortifying! Cassie was very nice about it, and kindly refused. Gypsy actually agreed to it, but mysteriously (and thankfully) declined.

The story went through 4 different dramatic revisions before I finally tossed it…but that’s 1 year later.

I then commenced my second fic. Called Fred + Hermione = Big Mess. I might as well just call it “Big Mess” because it was no improvement from the first story that I wrote. Written in the same sloppy, plot-hole ridden manner of switching POVs. It was a badly written Fred/Hermione romance that was clumsy, 2-D and just awful. I somehow banged out 12 chapters of that before going off to revise it, this time retitling it The Least Suspected Outcome. It was finally a bit of an improvement in my writing…but not much mind you…not much at all.

I also allowed my stupid cousin from Virginia to type up a disgusting piece of NC-17 crap on my computer and uploading it to my name. So this piece of shit called Put Me Out of My Miseries was placed under the horror section of HP fanfic, and somehow received 40 odd reviews. It was a Snape/Hermione thing with a badly written sex scene and a bucket of sap in the end. Yuck.

I came across this Yahoo!Club called…golly, I don’t even remember. But through there I got to know the Teenage Witches, a slap-stick assembly of sassy chicks. They wrote the wildly successful spin-off to the even more wildly successful Draco Sinister. Oddly enough, I just found out in the middle of taking the SATs that Sinister is Latin for left, and Dexter is Latin for Right! Anyway, Draco Dexter was the title of the spin off, and I didn’t see the cleverness of the title until 3 years after participating in writing it. How stupid am I really?

Oh yes. So I wrote the teenage witches many emails asking to join them and write the story with them. By then, seven installments of Draco Dexter were published on fanfiction.net. I submitted this mediocre piece of try-out fiction about a chest of drawers, Draco, a cauldron of milk, and a horny Hermione sitting in the cauldron. I beat out a couple of other auditioners and became a Teenage Witch. We wrote round robin and was being very silly. But by that time, much of the hype was gone. We got very lazy, tried our hands on some half-hearted Founder spoofs, individual projects, and are currently on a very very very long hiatus. But it was *fun* while it lasted.

By this time, I started a third fic. It was much more ambitious, written in *gasp* 3rd person, and was a better piece of shit…but it was still shit. It was basically a summer story involving the entire Weasley broad, Harry, Hermione, Draco and Sirius, and Narcissa (pregnant with Voldemort’s baby) these demons and a lot of cheesy super powers for all. It wasn’t bad, but decidedly unimaginative. The characters only had a few emotions, and the sexual tension is ALL focused on Hermione…and it became very stupid. So I finished it at 13 chapters, gathered about 130 odd reviews, wrote the first chapter to the sequel…and abandoned ship.

A wise decision…even for someone like me!

Year 2-4: 2000-2003

Befriend Alex and kept pestering him to beta-read for me. He was ever so nice and covered my stories in red ink (well…red font). My writing improved loads from the last few pieces, and I began a young McGonagal story that alternated with a Fred and George story. I planned out this complicated Potter ancestor/McGonagal/Tom Riddle triangle and a murder mystery with this girl ghost from Hufflepuff in it…and then I stopped. Because I had to, I was stuck, and the my interest in the story ran away from me.

I discovered the Trouble in Paradise…and I simply *loved* that story to itsy pieces. I began to draw a lot of HP fanart…really really bad HP fanart. I drew mostly for the Draco Trilogy and Paradise epic. I didn’t have my own scanner, and kept scampering off to my friends house and uploading gigantic scans of these ugly drawings. Cassie was ever so polite, and told me they were wonderful…heck, I thought they were wonderful and sent some to Starling (bad bad bad move). She was ever so polite as well…but probably a little disgusted that I actually thought I was good as she was.

I joined a few yahoo!groups and a new era began…

I began to post all these messages and having discussions with people on HP_Paradise and cassie_and_rhysenn, and a few other lists. I groped up the nonexistent social ladder of the HP fandom and was…flailing about. This was the time when I thought of nothing *but* the fandom, and it was quite unhealthy. I was involved in all these things, mindful of only how to become a more popular person. But ever so often, I paused and wrinkled my brow, wondering why I put so much energy into it…because after all, this *isn’t* real life.

Began talking to Andy and Lou. *waves* I slowly backed out of the heart of the fandom, and became more or less normal again. It’s a relief that the obsession didn’t last *that* long.

Began my current Founderfic called Rosa Crocea. Did tons of Medieval research, and befriended the lovely Anna L. Milton, who helped me immensely with all the aspects of the story. I worked extremely slowly, and got 5 reviews combined thus far ^_^;; though, it’s mostly because I updated every 6 month. Seriously.

Was briefly caught in the big affair concerning a rather deranged Sinead. I spied on her for Heidi and Cassie in a 3 hour chat to reveal the that she hacked and deleted HP4GU. Then Stacey revealed me to Sinead accidentally, and so went my experience as a detective/spy. I was rather good at fishing answers out of her while pretending to be very sweet. And stupid. Very stupid.

Continued with Rosa Crocea, and began to weave a lot of Brother Grimms and Christian Anderson elements into this Helga fic.

Then I kind of left. For a really really long time.

Then in April of 2003, I returned. I was no longer any part of a fandom organization. I disbanded HP_Atlantis (which was a group I created the day after 9/11), because having 500 + members produced 0 discussion. I disbanded the band of authors that were with me in HP_Atlantis and we went out separate ways. I joined Anna’s fifth_disciple as a featured author, doodled HP fanart and worked on Rosa Crocea when I had time. But the fandom was top priority in my life anymore.
I don’t know whether to be sad or happy that I can no longer go and immense myself in this world we’ve built entirely on the internet. But all I all, it’s definitely helped shape me as a writer, and as a person. As silly as it may sound to you, I think I’ve learned a lot from this almost-4 years in this community.

- Hydy *bow*


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(Deleted comment)
Oct. 19th, 2003 08:59 am (UTC)
Hmmm, basically Stacey walked out of the fandom without warning, and all the mods at FA.org scrambled a bit to get used to not having her around. Most people resent her for not being responsible and such, and some unpleasant words were exchanged. Aja is calling Stacey a stalker, and all the fandom big-people are now a bit paranoid about each other, and calling each other psychos. *shrug* I tend to keep myself out of it after Sinead left.
Apr. 12th, 2004 06:51 pm (UTC)
Hey. I liked your drawings.
Apr. 17th, 2004 10:39 am (UTC)
Did you ^_^ how lovely. I have some a few new ones up at cycladic.deviantart.com, if you want to see.
Apr. 18th, 2004 05:58 am (UTC)
Apr. 17th, 2004 10:51 am (UTC)
Did you ^_^ how lovely. I have some a few new ones up at cycladic.deviantart.com, if you want to see.
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